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Director: Ang Lee Genres: Drama | War Release Date: 11 November 2016 Runtime: 110 min Cast Kristen Stewart as Kathryn Lynn Vin Diesel as Shroom Garrett Hedlund as Dime Steve Martin as Norm Oglesby Makenzie Leigh as Faison   STORYLINE : –   Two-time Academy Award® winner Ang Lee brings his extraordinary vision to Billy […]

Categories: Drama, War

Director: Mel Gibson Taglines: One of the greatest heroes in America history never fired a bullet. Genres: Biography | Drama | Romance | War Release Date: 4 November 2016 Runtime: 131 min Cast Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss Richard Pyros as Teach Jacob Warner as James Pinnick Milo Gibson as Lucky Ford Darcy Bryce as […]

Categories: Biography, Drama, Romance, War

Director: Robert Zemeckis Taglines: Deception is an art. Truth is a test. Is love a lie? Genres: Action | Drama | Romance | Thriller | War Release Date: 23 November 2016 Runtime: 124 min Cast Brad Pitt as Max Vatan Vincent Ebrahim as Driver in Desert Xavier De Guillebon as Claude Marion Cotillard as Marianne […]

Categories: Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War